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Image by Peter Thomas


Alexandra  N Pena and Jonathan Dalit

However, the true clarity of my vision emerged following the passing of my beloved father. Witnessing his challenges in aging firsthand ignited a profound realization: the transformative power of a well-designed home in enhancing the lives of individuals facing similar circumstances. Fueled by this, I sought and achieved my CAPS Certification, expanding my abilities to provide tailored design solutions for varying needs—from mobility, visual, and hearing impairments to aiding recovery from long-term illnesses or injuries, and supporting those with neurological disabilities.


At ANP Akamai, we believe everyone deserves a beautiful and functional sanctuary—a place fostering solace, inspiration, and joy. Our mission extends beyond creating physical structures; we craft havens nurturing spirits and enriching lives.


Family-owned and are now a bi-coastal operation with 2 locations in captivating Honolulu, Hawaii, and the vibrant Tampa Bay area; our team of talented designers and skilled craftsmen collaborates to exceed expectations, bringing your vision to vivid reality.


I invite you to embark on this extraordinary journey with us—a transformative design experience tailored to your style and unique needs. At ANP Akamai, let's turn your aspirations into tangible, breathtaking homes.


Welcome to ANP Akamai—where dreams find their home.


Let's make your dreams come true.

A lush green covered outdoor kitchen and seating

We believe in creating a sustainable future and being responsible stewards of the environment. We strive to source our materials from ethical and transparent suppliers who use sustainable practices such as renewable energy sources and low VOC.


Our designs are created with thoughtfulness and purpose, utilizing colors that suit your style with form and function. We value quality over quantity; each item we offer is made with exceptional craftsmanship and built to stand the test of time. At ANP Akamai, we are committed to helping you create beautiful interiors for your home or workspace that will last for generations.

Mission Statement

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