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Alexandra Noel Peña

Our Story

Welcome to ANP Akamai, where form and function meet, and dreams become reality. I'm Alexandra Noel Peña, this distinguished design-build firm's founder and principal designer. Allow me to take you on a journey through the vision and mission that drives our company.


From a young age, I uncovered my passion for renovations. There was a profound magic in taking homes that weren't meeting their occupants' needs and turning them into dream sanctuaries. But it wasn't just about aesthetics but about crafting spaces that radiated safety, comfort, and functionality. The concept of marrying beauty with usability became my personal guiding principle.

Living in the mesmerizing paradise of Hawaii was a dream come true, but it also revealed a profound truth: homes should embody the same tranquility and joy as their surroundings. I believe that a home should seamlessly blend with its environment, embracing the natural beauty and serenity of the islands. Thus, ANP Akamai was born with the vision to craft living spaces harmonizing with Hawaii's unique spirit.

However, my vision's true clarity emerged after my beloved father's passing, who faced immense challenges as he aged. Witnessing his struggles firsthand, I realized the profound impact a well-designed home could have on the lives of individuals facing similar circumstances. My determination grew to provide solutions not only for the present but also to prepare for the future.

I pursued and achieved my CAPS Certification to expand my knowledge and expertise. This additional qualification allowed me to offer specialized design solutions for the here and now and the changing needs that may arise. My mission was to assist individuals with mobility, visual, and hearing impairments, those recovering from long-term or short-term traumatic illness or injury, and those with neurological disabilities.

At ANP Akamai, everyone deserves a beautiful and functional sanctuary—a place to find solace, inspiration, and joy. We strive to create homes beyond mere physical structures; they become havens that nurture the spirit and enhance the quality of life.

With two locations serving both enchanting Honolulu, Hawaii, and the vibrant Tampa Bay area, we are dedicated to transforming homes and lives across these diverse communities. Our talented designers and skilled craftsmen work collaboratively to bring your vision to life, exceeding expectations with every project.

I invite you to join us on this incredible journey, where dreams become reality and homes become sanctuaries. Let's embark on a transformative design experience that will reflect your style and cater to your unique needs and aspirations.

Welcome to ANP Akamai. Let us make your dreams come true.

A lush green covered outdoor kitchen and seating

We believe in creating a sustainable future and being responsible stewards of the environment. We strive to source our materials from ethical and transparent suppliers who use sustainable practices such as renewable energy sources and low VOC.


Our designs are created with thoughtfulness and purpose, utilizing colors that suit your style with form and function. We value quality over quantity; each item we offer is made with exceptional craftsmanship and built to stand the test of time. At ANP Akamai, we are committed to helping you create beautiful interiors for your home or workspace that will last for generations.

Mission Statement

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