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Ohana means family; when you enlist ANP Akamai, that is precisely what you become.

Smart Start!



Whether you prefer the convenience of filling out the form below or want to skip the paperwork and chat directly, we're here to help every step of the way. Making decisions about designing, renovating, or building anew can be daunting, but that's where our friendly team comes in.

To kickstart your project, we offer a hassle-free Smart Start Call. During this conversation, we'll address your questions, ensuring that the scope of work aligns with our expertise. We aim to replace any fear or uncertainty with excitement and creativity, vital ingredients for any successful building project.

Throughout our discussion, we'll cover:

  • Your Needs + Wants

  • How + Why Our Team Can Best Assist You

  • Time Frames

  • Permits

  • Our Action Plan + Pricing Procedures

By the end of our conversation, you'll gain a clear understanding of each project stage, estimated costs, and the timeline for turning your dream home into a reality. Let's get started on creating something extraordinary together!

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